About MITCI - What this site is about

Vision and Mission


The vision of MITCI is to position the ICT sector as the main pillar of the Mauritian Economy


To provide the right environment for the harnessing of Information & Communication Technologies to generate employment, increase national wealth, improve quality of life and create new opportunities for sustainable socio-economic development of Mauritius​

Objectives of the Ministry

1. Formulate appropriate policies and provide the necessary legal framework for the development of ICT and its optimal use across all sectors.

2. Facilitate, through the implementation of an E-Government programme, the provision of Government services electronically anytime anywhere for the greater convenience of the public.

3. Promote and facilitate the development of the ICT sector.

Ensure that the ICT culture permeates all levels of the society to bridge the digital divide to the extent possible.

Promote the development of ICT enabled services including e-business.

Encourage the adoption of new technologies and best practices in the ICT.

Promote capacity building in ICT.